Current campaigns and initiatives

Have your voice heard and make a real impact on local, national and global issues by getting involved in WI campaigns. Our campaigns bring WI members together to take action and achieve real change in policy and practice on the issues that we all care about.

Listed below are a list of recent campaigns.  For more information on all these campaigns Click Here

SOS for high streets and town centres  

Our high streets and town centres are in trouble. Over the last ten years changes in shopping habits have hit the high street hard. When combined with a slowdown in consumer spending, banks reluctant to lend, and increasingly high rental and business rates, many high street businesses are struggling. The NFWI has launched the SOS for High Streets campaign after a resolution calling for an end to the decline of our high streets was passed at the 2013 AGM with a majority of 87%. The challenges facing our high streets and town centres reach to the heart of all of our communities.

More Midwives
There is a shortage of midwives in the UK, resulting in fragmented, rushed care and extra demands on maternity services.  Midwives are facing increasing pressure with chronic staff shortages, the ongoing baby boom and increasing numbers of complications in pregnancy. Combined, these challenges are making it harder to deliver a high standard of care to women and their children and mean
that despite increases in the number of NHS midwives, maternity units are still short staffed.
The NFWI has launched More Midwives campaign after a resolution on the employment of more midwives was passed at the 2012 AGM with a 96% majority: There are chronic shortages of midwives. The NFWI calls on the Government to increase investment in the training, employment and retention of midwives in England and Wales to ensure services are adequately resourced and are able to
deliver a high standard of care.

The Great Food Debate 
The NFWI has launched a project on food security, a pressing issue as the world grapples with multiple threats to agriculture and food supply. From climate change causing frequent floods and drought and a worldwide population heading towards 9 billion by 2050, to war and civil unrest, there is an urgent need to take action to ensure safe, sustainable and nutritious food supplies. Now you can get involved by joining the debate.

Love Your Libraries

The NFWI has launched the Love Your Libraries campaign after the resolution on libraries was passed at the 2011 AGM in Liverpool with a 98% majority.

country of origin labelling (COOL) is unclear and misleading to many shoppers. Find out how the WI is campaigning for mandatory, clear origin labelling

Mission Milk
The NFWI and the NFU are once again joining forces to ask what can be done to safeguard the future for Britain’s dairy farmers.  We hosted a debate on 16 November in London to follow up the successful Great Milk Debates of 2007 when the NFU and NFWI explained why farming matters during 100 regional debates which toured the country.

SOS for Honeybees

Honeybeepopulations all over the UK have suffered huge losses in recent years. Find out here how you can help to ensure that our countryside is buzzing for years to come.

Care Not Custody
The WI is campaigning for an end to the inappropriate detention of people with mental health problems, who would be better treated if diverted to hospitals or community-based alternatives. Find out about the national campaign and what you can do locally to help.
Other campaigning areas

The National Federation of Women's Institutes supports Fairtrade and encourages WI members to use accredited products. WI members are campaigning for Fairtrade tea.

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